Friday, June 8, 2007

A Breath of Life into my Summer...

The first 3 weeks or so of my summer were fairly dull, but with the visit of my cuz a new hope arose from the ashes of what seemed to be a lost cause and alas a new generation of fun was hatched. Timmyaw, Josh, occasional special guests including but not limited to: H-Bomb, Jen Dub and Camel Terror and I have been up to no good over the past week, reeking havoc upon the lives of those who call Point Loma their home. From antiqueing, to duct-taping; these past few days have been priceless in the lessons learned and the friendships strengthened. I will value these days as I journey into the next chapter of my summer which will more than likely be titled, "Traneyaw: The Farmer who was never to be...", but until then, I will keep on keeping on over here in classy San Diego. Good night and Godspeed.

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