Friday, November 6, 2015

Chapter 623: A-Trane the World-Traveling Sailor/Long-Lost Husband...

I'm sitting here on watch, day dreaming (or night dreaming) about my near future. In less than a month I will have traveled all the way around the world. Although this leg of the journey hasn't been that long in the grand scheme, it has felt like an eternity since I left home. In reality I left home about a year and a half ago now, and started this new chapter and path in my life.  Since June 9, 2014, I have spent less than 20 days with Kate. It is really depressing to think about how much time we have lost together.  I cannot wait to get home to her.  Even though home is an interesting concept now, being that it is in a new place entirely.  I have never lived on the East Coast so this will be interesting.
As mentioned before, a little rock 'n roll update. A couple of months ago some big news was released about two of my all time favorite bands Further Seems Forever and Underoath.  Both are reuniting, and although it is not for sure if its just a short time thing, even the shortest period of either of those groups is better than nothing.  I desperately look forward to hearing new music from them and hopefully have the opportunity to see them live.  I especially would like to see FSF since they will be back with Jason Gleason in the driver's seat and I wasn't able to see them back in his days with the band. 
Since we last talked, I have been to Dubai and Singapore. Awesome cities.  I would liked to have done more and explored Dubai a little bit, but it was just too hot. I was able to go up to the top of the Burj Khalifa

which is currently the world's tallest building as well as go on a sunset safari into the sand dunes of UAE.  In Singapore a couple of buddies and I simply blazed our own trail and explored the city without taking part in any of the organized tours that are offered through the ship.  We had a lot of fun and saw a lot of culture. Singapore is beautiful and very easy and affordable to get around in due to a good public transit system consisting mostly of train systems.  I think my favorite parts were Chinatown and the Merlion statue.
I have had some good times with good people in these places, but at the end of the day when I think back on all the fun I had, what trumps all the good memories is the fact that I want to be home. Home is where the heart is. Kate is where my heart is. Kate is home.  Can't wait...

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Katie said...

Love it. And my home is currently in the middle of the ocean somewhere... Can't wait to have you back!